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fckingdemon's Journal

17 April
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Fair warning: Vivi likes her cursing.

Vivian (Vivi) Gaetani, her roommate (Maggie McIntyre, pointedsouth) and her roommate's parents were attacked one evening by a demon inhabiting the body of her boyfriend. Vivi and Maggie were left for dead but woke up in the hospital later to find Maggie's parents dead and that the demon had forced her boyfriend to commit suicide.

After the attack, Vivi obsessively researched before finding out about the world of the supernatural and along with Maggie, decided to do what they could to track down the demon. Daniel Elkins trained them to hunt and they found that tracking down the particular demon they were looking for would be practically impossible. They decided to press on though and have often crossed paths with Sam and Dean Winchester.

(Vivi and the characters here are original characters in no way associated with Supernatural or the actress Jordanna Brewster. This journal is purely for game purposes only and is not intended to cause offense.)